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The authenticity of the electronic signature of ittírdalá.hu is guaranteed by ID&Trust Ltd., the developer of GoodID and the operator of ittírdalá.hu, as a trust service provider registered with the NMHH under the relevant legislation.

ittírdalá.hu + GoodID = electronic signature made easy

To sign electronically on the ittírdalá.hu signing portal, all you need is your mobile phone and the GoodID application installed on it. GoodID is a multifunctional digital wallet that not only allows you to store your documents securely, but also to sign documents electronically. ittírdalá.hu also uses GoodID.

You can download the GoodID mobile app from  Google Play | App Store

What is ittírdalá.hu?

ittírdalá.hu is an easy-to-use electronic signature portal, where you can use your mobile phone to add an advanced electronic signature to any document, equivalent to signing with your own hand on paper with a pen.

Forget paper-based paperwork, its costs and time-consuming processes. Sign electronically – simply, authentically, with evidentiary value!


With the ittírdalá.hu signing portal, you can sign any document electronically through the GoodID mobile app with the same legal compliance as if you were signing by hand on paper.

All you need to sign is a mobile phone and the GoodID app installed on it.

The service provides individuals and businesses with a secure, fast and easy-to-use system, in a very cost-effective way, as no equipment is required. Thanks to the paperless process, your ecological footprint is also significantly reduced.

ittírdalá.hu produces a conclusive document, reduces the time spent on contract management and improves the security of electronic signature processes.

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Why use an e-signature?

The advantage of e-signatures is that they are authentic and legally compliant, both in the business world and in private contracts. Today, the use of electronic signatures is accepted in almost all developed economies. In addition to their legally binding nature, e-signatures are an extremely efficient way to speed up the process of signing contracts and other documents, and they also represent significant cost savings, as they eliminate the need for printing, mailing and filing. Signing electronically is a secure and easy-to-use online platform that is commonly accepted across the EU and beyond. The ittírdalá.hu signature portal allows you to sign electronically in a secure and compliant way.

Our values


With the speed and paperlessness of ittírdalá.hu, you can save money with an electronic signature. A typical employment document can cost up to HUF 1500-2000 in labour costs and other expenses to sign (printing, scanning, filing and, if necessary, postage), which can be reduced to HUF 110-120 with an electronic signature through the ittírdalá.hu signing portal.


The electronic signature process takes much less time than a traditional paper and pen-based signature, as there is no printing, scanning, mailing, and filing. ittírdalá.hu can reduce the lead time for contract processing, which can sometimes take several days, to just a few minutes. A 99% time saving can be achieved by using ittírdalá.hu electronic signature.


All you need is the GoodID mobile app and you can sign or have others sign documents with you without limits. All you really need is your mobile phone and the GoodID app installed. With just a few clicks you can sign the document (or forward it if you want to get someone else to sign it).

Evidentiary force

ittírdalá.hu's electronic signatures are legally binding, authentic and widely applicable, with a high level of legal and security compliance with strict regulatory requirements (Hungarian law, GDPR, eIDAS, Trust Act). In Hungary, a document with an advanced electronic signature is considered a simple private document. From a legal point of view, the signature complies with the Ptk. 6:7, i.e. it is equivalent to a paper-based handwritten signature. Commitments made with an advanced electronic signature are binding.


The ittírdalá.hu portal is operated by the Hungarian ID&Trust Kft, the developer of the Hungarian eID chip, which has a 20-year history. The company complies with the strictest military security standards (Common Criteria), has an international quality assurance system (ISO) and is audited according to the Hungarian National Bank's regulation on remote customer identification. GoodID is audited according to the MNB Decree 26/2020 (VIII. 25.).

Environmentally friendly

Did you know that the production of a single sheet of A4 paper costs 10 liters of water? When supporting office environmental protection, a business can help sustainability with a number of small and large changes. For businesses striving for positive changes, electronic signatures can be one such tool. Electronic signatures can support businesses on the path of sustainability, helps reduce paper consumption, waste and carbon footprint.

In which cases should you use an e-signature?

As an individual
  • rental agreement if you rent out or rent an apartment (or garage)
  • commission contract if you are an entrepreneur
  • loan agreement, if you were to lend or borrow
  • sales contract, if you were to sell or buy something
  • authorization if you would authorize someone
As a company
  • employment contracts
  • employee HR statements
  • customers
  • works contract/li>
  • contract of carriage

How does ittírdalá.hu work?

You upload the document

You sign with the GoodID mobile application

Forward it to someone else for signature (if necessary)

You download the signed document

Our electronic signature solution is also available with an integration package

Direct integration option with the company’s own (document and signature management) systems,
using a simple API connection. A customizable solution for all those looking for an integrated electronic signature solution.

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