Things to know

The most important information, useful information and the most frequent questions regarding the use of the site and e-signatures. If you can’t find an answer to your question, write to our customer service!

No need to buy any equipment (e.g. a signature tab), you can sign easily and quickly with the GoodID digital id wallet mobile app on ittírdalá.hu.

The ittírdalá.hu electronic signature portal offers both individuals and companies the opportunity to sign electronically. The options for signing as a company and as an individual are always selected at the beginning of the signing process, so you can easily and safely adapt to the type of document and the purpose of the signature.

1. Sign with GoodID

Advanced electronic signature- authenticity equivalent to a handwritten signature

Signature requires a one-time identification in the GoodID mobile app. During this process, the service provider verifies your identity based on your ID document and your selfie.

2. Qualified electronic signature (QES) – using the eSignature function of your Hungarian eID

This is the highest level of security signature for which you need a Hungarian eID and the eSignature option linked to it (you can apply at the Government Window). The signature is extremely simple to create: you touch your eID to your phone in the GoodID mobile app, then enter the eSignature PIN.

As soon as you start registering on the ittírdalá.hu signing portal, you will first be redirected to the appropriate (Android or iOS) app store, where you can download GoodID if you don’t have it on your phone. If you are more prepared, you can download the mobile app from the links below:

Google Play

App Store

In short, you upload the document to the ittírdalá.hu signing portal and sign it using the GoodID mobile app.

To get an electronic signature, we will identify you the first time based on one of your ID documents and your selfie, and then you can sign as many times as you like.

Upload the document you want to sign.
Once successfully uploaded, click on the “I sign” button.
Select the type of signature.
Complete the signature in the GoodID mobile app.
You can then download the signed document and you will be notified by email. (Uploaded documents will be stored encrypted for 30 days.)

Your electronic signature is added to the document, indicated by a signature stamp in the pdf. You can check the authenticity of the signature in any pdf reader.
If you would like to have someone else sign the document, you can invite them to do so by providing their name and email address. You will be notified by email when the other party has signed and the signed document will be available for download.

The authenticity and security of the e-signature is ensured by the declared trust service of ID&Trust Ltd. ID&Trust Ltd. is the developer of the Hungarian eID and GoodID multifunctional digital id wallet mobile application.

GoodID is a multifunctional digital wallet where you can manage and share your personal data yourself, so you can use any service quickly, easily and securely. With GoodID you can securely store your documents, identify yourself online, access websites and sign electronically. All with just a few clicks and securely.

So, in addition to electronic signatures, the GoodID mobile app is a great way to store your documents securely in digital format on your mobile phone (and even hold your loyalty cards). And it’s free to use.

Your documents are encrypted and stored on the ID&Trust Ltd. trust service server. This means that the content cannot be decrypted or interpreted by the service provider. For security reasons, the document will be stored for 30 days after upload, after which it will be automatically deleted. It is important that you sign (or have signed) the document during this time, as it will no longer be available for download on the 31st day after upload.

For security reasons, the uploaded document will be stored on the server for 30 days, after which it will be automatically deleted. This means that you can sign and download your document for 30 days after uploading. If for some reason you are unable to do this (e.g. your invited signatory does not sign the document by then), you will no longer be able to access the document. In this case, upload it again.

Only payment by credit card is available. Payment can be initiated from an invoice confirmation e-mail sent after the order has been placed.

You can order a subscription or buy a pre-paid package after registration.

ittírdalá.hu is available and usable by both individuals and companies. We provide the opportunity for simple and efficient signing processes for everyone, be it an individual user or a business.

You can only sign PDF documents electronically. If the document is not in PDF format, we can suggest several solutions. If you only have a Microsoft Word document, you can quickly turn it into a PDF. Open it in Word and save it as another document, selecting PDF as the document type. If you don’t have a Microsoft Word document, you have two options:
Upload the document to an online PDF conversion site. This works if you created it with other software (e.g. OpenOffice), so you can easily convert it to PDF. Likewise, if you have it as an image – in jpg format – we also recommend this. However, before you choose this, make sure you use a secure website, as this will expose the data in your document to a third ‘party’ (if it is not sensitive data for you, this may be a viable option.)
If you don’t want to do this, create a Word file of your document and save it as a PDF.

The maximum size of a file is 10 MB. An average document rarely exceeds a few megabytes in file size, so this limit should not be a problem in 99% of cases. If you do have a PDF file larger than this, reduce the size first. There are many online services for this under the name “PDF compress”.

There are special dynamic fields – e.g. a form embedded in a PDF – which must be disabled before signing, as the authenticity of the signed document is only ensured if the content of the document cannot be modified after signing.

Add your document to the GoodID digital wallet. If you find a pen icon in the top right corner of the document, you are eligible for electronic signature. To be able to sign it, you need to know the e-signature PIN. If you don’t remember this, we suggest you look for the so-called blue envelope you received at the Government Office.

A certificate issued for an electronic signature is valid for 2 years. If it has expired, you can renew it in person at any Government Office. The good news is that, as far as we know, this will be possible remotely in the future.

You can activate the feature in the GoodID digital wallet mobile app. When you requested the eSignature feature, you received a blue-edged envelope at the Government Window – or when you received your eSignature by post. Inside the envelope is a blue-coloured so-called eSignature code card. Use this activation PIN on the ePassport data sheet, or start a document upload and GoodID will automatically prompt you. If you can’t find the eSignature code card, you can request it at a Government Window.

The eSignature feature of eID is currently available for individuals. The good news is that this is likely to be extended to business use in the future.

First of all, we reassure you that the use of the GoodID digital wallet is protected by a 6 character PIN code. In addition, we recommend that you visit, enter a verified email address that you have previously registered in the GoodID application and follow the instructions you receive in the email. The app will be blocked no later than 60 minutes after revocation or suspension if the phone is online. You will need to re-register and re-identify on your new phone, but your portal registration and account will remain.

Your registration on the ittírdalá.hu signature portal will remain active. You will need to complete a few steps using GoodID as your login and authentication tool. We recommend using the GoodID backup feature on your old phone. This will allow you to restore your data to your new phone. Due to the special security feature of GoodID, data is not automatically transferred when you change phones.

The electronic signatures provided by the ittírdalá.hu signature portal are fully accepted within the EU. Depending on the type of electronic signature – i.e. Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) or Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) – the legal environment in the EU and other countries around the world determines which type of signature is suitable for a particular legal case.

The easiest way to check whether an electronically signed PDF document is authentic is to open it directly in a PDF reader (e.g. Acrobat Reader). In Acrobat Reader, a panel (“Signed, all signatures are valid”) appears in the document header, where you can click on the “Details” button to view the signature’s characteristics. For signatures supported by ittírdalá.hu, a visual seal is also included in the document’s content.

Yes. Security is a primary concern in the operation of the ittírdalá.hu signature portal. Signature security is ensured on several levels. ID&Trust Ltd, the operator of GoodID, follows the security standards for trust service providers. The data in the GoodID application is protected by a multi-layer cryptographic process. As a multi-factor authentication tool, the application guarantees that its owner uses the digital wallet.

The packages indicate that pricing is document-based. Even if I have already had someone else sign a document, have it returned, downloaded and then re-uploaded to send to another third party to sign, does it still cost another credit to sign the document?

In this case it is still one document, no matter how many times it is re-uploaded and sent to someone else to sign. If it is the same document that is re-uploaded, it will not be re-credited.

Only you sign it

If the document will be signed by no one else but you, select the “I’ll sign it” option. Once the document is uploaded, you can sign it and then download the signed copy.

Someone else to sign the document

If the document will not be signed by you but by someone else, select the “I’ll invite a signatory” option.

When you send the document to someone else to sign, you will receive a notification email from us.

In order to ensure that the document is signed as quickly as possible, you should inform the invited signatory that ittírdalá.hu will send them the document to be signed by e-mail shortly.

As soon as the document is electronically signed by the invited signatory, we will send you back the signed copy.

More of you will sign the document

If you would like to have someone else sign the document in addition to yourself, or have others sign the document, you can select the “I’ll sign it” option first, and then once you have signed it, you can send it on to others to sign (“I’ll invite a signatory”). If you then want to have someone else sign it, you will have to upload the document again and start a new signature process.

If you start the process with the “I’ll invite a signatory” option (and you didn’t sign it first because you wanted the other party to sign it first), you can only sign it by re-uploading the document that the other party has already signed.

ittírdalá.hu’s pricing is document-based, so it is considered only one signed document if you add more than one signature.

In the case of an enhanced security electronic signature created without a trust service, the signer providing the document with an electronic signature is not protected by anything if someone questions the authenticity of his signature. The trust service provider provides the trust factor for business relationships.

ID&Trust Kft. offers electronic signatures with enhanced security as part of the trust service registered with the National Media and Communications Authority, which is also protected by liability insurance based on the relevant legislation.

ID&Trust Kft. provides a trust service for the creation of enhanced security electronic signatures, which results in a document with probative value, since the trust service provider can guarantee the authenticity of the signature and the signer in a court proceeding.

The legal framework for trust services is provided by the European Union, so electronic signatures can be used in a predictable and reliable environment.